The Texas Longhorns are hard at work preparing for their College Football Playoff game against the Washington Huskies. However, they must also concentrate on the transfer portal in order to remain competitive in the coming year and beyond.On Saturday, they received a huge commitment from former Houston wide receiver Matthew Golden.

Texas Has Returned

When the Longhorns are good, college football is more enjoyable. With a move to the SEC on the horizon, the program will face no shortage of high-profile opponents. Those matchups are much more interesting now that they have a top-ten team. However, the year isn’t over yet. They are only two games away from dominating the college football world. If they could add a national championship to their trophy case, it would most likely do wonders for their recruiting.

The Texas Longhorns must be overjoyed with their latest transfer portal commitment.While they have lost some players, they still have a very talented roster with which they will compete for many years.


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