The Detroit Lions wanted to establish their culture as a tough football team that handles adversity with poise.

Frank Ragnow’s ability to battle through numerous injuries and ailments while still putting forth the effort to play on Sundays is nothing short of amazing.

Remember that the 2018 first-round pick took a hit to the throat against the Packers in January 2021, but he still managed to finish the game.

Ragnow had fractured cartilage in his throat, which was later discovered.

While there was no structural damage, Ragnow was required to closely monitor when he could speak for a period of time. It was deemed necessary for the throat to heal completely.

Following Detroit’s dominant win over the Denver Broncos at Ford Field, a relative of the team’s gritty center revealed the lengths Ragnow will go to play.

“He’s playing a week and a half after freaking meniscus surgery.” “This guy is a certified psycho,” Jack Ragnow said on social media.

Supporters were astounded that Ragnow, who has battled turf toe for the past two seasons, is able to put his body through so much in order to play.

Ragnow puts in several hours of work each week in the trainers room and away from the facility just to get through the week.

“Respectfully, Frank. “The City appreciates your hard work,” one supporter wrote.

“He’s also very important to what we do.” “Thank you, Frank,” said another fan.

Here’s some of the online reaction to Ragnow playing after possibly having surgery two weeks ago.

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