Brian Baldinger: ‘In a Sport Full of Stars, Lamar Jackson Is the Biggest Star’

While pundits continue the Lamar Jackson-Brocky Purdy MVP debate, NFL Network’s Brian Baldinger said there’s no doubt who is the biggest star in the NFL.

“Pro football is the best entertainment in an entertainment industry, and the biggest star amongst a lot of stars is Lamar Jackson,” Baldinger said. “He’s the league’s biggest star and has been. Nobody really can do what Lamar does.”

Baldinger made the statement while breaking down Jackson’s spectacular 26-yard pass to tight end Isaiah Likely that set up a touchdown late in the third quarter during Sunday night’s win in Jacksonville. After dropping back, Jackson ducked charging defensive tackle Dawuane Smoot, and then with Smoot coming for him again, unleashed the ball 40 yards to Likely before taking a big hit from Smoot.

“He can escape, he can extend, he can take these kind of hits, and deliver a perfect throw,” Baldinger said.

Jackson’s performance versus the Jaguars again showed why statistics alone don’t do him justice. He went 14-for-24 for 171 yards with one touchdown and one interception, but seeing is believing.

Dan Orlovsky made that point to Shannon Sharpe during a discussion about who the MVP front-runner is on ESPN’s “First Take.”

Sharpe made the case for 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy by reciting his statistics (242 yards, four touchdowns, no interceptions) in the 49ers’ win over the Cardinals Sunday) and asked how Jackson’s numbers against the Jaguars could possibly compare.

“Watch the games,” Orlovsky replied. “Watch the games and watch how Lamar plays. How many plays did Lamar make out of nothing [Sunday] night?”

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