This week presents several challenges for Detroit Lions offensive coordinator Ben Johnson.

Not only must he devise a strategy to counter Brian Flores, but Detroit’s talented play-caller is sick and will miss the team’s Week 16 road game.

“In college, I had a coach who used to say, ‘You never really understand how much the human body can withstand.’ Everyone undervalues it, and I heard him. And it fell on deaf ears when I was in college,” Johnson explained to reporters. “But then I had kids, and it started to sink in that, ‘Yeah, OK, you’re tired or you’re not feeling well.'” They still require your services. They still require your services.’ So you get up and go about your business.

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“And I think for coaches when we’re not feeling 100 percent and certainly with our players, none of them are 100 percent right now, we have an obligation to the people next to us to come through in a big way. So, I think our guys take a lot of pride in that and that’s no different here this week.”

Jahmyr Gibbs has been electric

Detroit’s first-round draft pick has taken his game to the next level, after the first half of his rookie season was an acclimation period.

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