1 One Detroit Lions player is among the Top 100 NFL Free Agents for 2024.

As the 2023 NFL regular season comes to a close, focus is shifting to the league’s future, particularly the looming free agency. Pro Football Focus (PFF) has named Jonah Jackson of the Detroit Lions as the sole Lions player on the “2024 NFL Free Agent Rankings: Top 100 players set to enter free agency.” This inclusion is significant because it highlights Jackson’s talent as well as the Lions’ overall roster stability.

PFF’s Assessment: Jackson’s Strengths and Weaknesses

PFF’s analysis paints a detailed picture of Jackson’s capabilities and areas needing improvement.

“Jackson is a force in space in the run game who climbs to the second level well once he gets a head of steam and adjusts laterally to plant his heavy hands into the chests of defenders with balanced feet. Jackson has continued to struggle in pass protection, which is a bit surprising, given his athletic ability. He can be slow out of his stance and/or flat-footed at times, which causes him to lose early on in reps.”

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Lions’ Future Prospects: Stability and Flexibility

The presence of only one Lions player, Jonah Jackson, on this top 100 free agents list is indicative of the team’s solid position looking ahead to the 2024 season. This scenario suggests that the Lions have a substantial part of their core team under contract, reducing the urgency to delve deep into the free agency pool. Furthermore, the Lions’ favorable situation regarding salary cap space offers them considerable flexibility in their future roster decisions.

The Bottom Line – Lions Poised for Strategic Moves

The inclusion of Jonah Jackson on the PFF list is more than just an individual accolade; it’s a reflection of the Detroit Lions’ strategic positioning in the NFL landscape. With a core roster largely secured and financial flexibility at their disposal, the Lions are in an enviable position. They have the luxury of focusing on targeted enhancements rather than widespread changes, allowing for calculated decisions that could further strengthen their team. As they look towards the 2024 season, the Lions stand at a promising juncture, equipped with the resources and stability to build upon their current foundation and elevate their standing in the league.

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