When Tennessee Titans quarterback Will Levis went down with an ankle injury two weeks ago in a home game against Houston, I figured his rookie season was over.

And I was fine with that.

Levis got eight games in, but he proved everything to me that he’s unquestionably the quarterback of the future here in Nashville. He’s got the arm strength, the legs, the aptitude and the work ethic to be a star in this league, and he’s going to win a lot of games here once the Titans build a better team around him.

So this, I figured, was the best way for the Titans to close out the season. They had already been eliminated from the playoffs, so there’s really nothing to play for. I never vote for tanking during the regular season, but when it’s basically over, losing the last few games for a better draft pick isn’t all bad.

Especially for a Titans team desperate for star-level talent. A top-five pick would be wonderful, but that only comes with a 5-12 final record.

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