A video appears to show Carolina Panthers owner David Tepper angrily throwing his drink at a Jacksonville Jaguars fan near the end of Sunday’s loss.

The video began making the rounds on social media following the Panthers’ 26-0 loss to Jacksonville, which dropped Carolina to 2-14 on the season. Tepper, in a private suite, appears to throw the contents of an ice-filled cup toward some Jacksonville fans sitting in the stands before throwing the empty cup down in anger. Panthers general manager Scott Fitterer is also seen standing next to Tepper.

At least one fan seemed to notice and turned to confront Tepper, who appeared to have already left the scene.

Fans react after David Tepper throw a drink on Jaguars die hard fan
Fans react after David Tepper throw a drink on Jaguars die hard fan

If the video shows what it appears to, this is a very bad look for Tepper. As frustrating as Carolina’s season has been, a team owner needs to be able to handle their emotions better than this, and Tepper has had a hard time hiding his anger at times this season.

Tepper is regarded as a very hands-on owner, perhaps to the detriment of the organization. Things are bad enough that one head coaching candidate is reportedly being warned against taking the job, and this will not help the negative perception.

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