Amid the Las Vegas Raiders’ quest for a new head coach, star defensive end Maxx Crosby is making a compelling case for interim coach Antonio Pierce to assume the role permanently.

Expressing the rarity of NFL head coaching positions, Crosby emphasizes the importance of retaining a leader of men, especially when one is already within the organization.

Crosby’s heartfelt endorsement: I want to win

This isn’t the first time Crosby has weighed in on coaching decisions.

Two years ago, he advocated for Rich Bisaccia, who led the Raiders to a playoff berth as an interim coach.

Despite the endorsement, the decision didn’t swing in Bisaccia’s favor.

Now, Crosby is championing Antonio Pierce, believing in his ability to guide the team forward.

“There’s only 32 [NFL] head coaches in the whole world,”Crosby said on Thursday, via Paul Gutierrez of

“So you’ve got to find a leader of men. And when you’ve got one of them in the building currently, I don’t know why you would let them go.”

Having experienced a rollercoaster ride since his draft in 2019, Crosby is vocal about his desire for stability and consistency.

Frustrated with the team’s lack of postseason success and a string of changes, he emphasizes his yearning for a winning culture.

“I’ve made the playoffs one time in five years. It’s bulls—,” Crosby said.

“And we’ve got to figure out what we’re going to do moving forward. And I’m sick of change. I’m sick of losing. I just want stability and f—ing consistency, and that’s all that matters to me. I want to win.”

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Antonio Pierce’s results speak for themselves

Antonio Pierce stepped into the interim role on November 1, leading the Raiders to a 4-4 record.

Notable victories against strong opponents like the New York Giants, Los Angeles Chargers, and Kansas City Chiefs showcased his coaching prowess.

However, losses to the Minnesota Vikings and Indianapolis Colts highlight the challenges faced under his guidance.

In the aftermath of the pivotal win against the Chiefs in Kansas CityAntonio Pierce voiced his commitment to the team’s success, stating, “I’m going to be me, and [the players] are going to be them. And when this bad boy’s over with, hopefully it all works out, and we’re together for more years to come.”

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