The New Orleans Saints had a bizarre season finale. With the playoffs on the line, the Saints crushed their division rival, the Atlanta Falcons, 48-17.

The way the game ended could define the season and future moves for New Orleans, depending on what happens with head coach Dennis Allen, among other key figures.

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1. Jimmy Graham, TE.
After sitting out the previous year, Jimmy Graham surprised everyone by returning to football for one more season. It was fitting to see him play his final NFL season with the Saints, assuming he doesn’t play elsewhere in 2024.

At 37 years old, Graham appears to be nearing the end of his career in the league. He is no longer the same person he used to be. In fact, his time in Green Bay and Chicago began to reflect this. Now, the Saints should bid him farewell, assuming he’ll retire.

The Saints desperately need a playmaker at tight end. Juwan Johnson has performed well in the red zone, but the team requires someone who can be an open-field threat and gain yards after the catch. Finding one of those in the draft should be prioritized.

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