With less than a month until the trade deadline, the Philadelphia 76ers are frequently mentioned in rumors. One insider recently provided an update on their involvement with some of the market’s top names.

Over the last few weeks, the Sixers have been linked to several players. The most notable are Zach LaVine, Pascal Siakam, and Atlanta Hawks guard Dejounte Murray. While Morey appears to be conducting due diligence, it does not appear that the front office is actively pursuing any of these avenues.

In his most recent trade rumor roundup, Jake Fischer mentioned the Sixers’ interest in this trio of All-Stars. It has followed the same pattern as most rumors, in that the team is being patient in order to maintain flexibility going forward.

“Philadelphia is not in any rush to add a piece or burn any of the Sixers’ newfound draft capital by way of the Harden trade, sources said,” Fischer wrote in an email. “If the Hawks do not act quickly to make a deal, a trade for Murray may occur closer to the deadline. That being said, there is little expectation among league sources that the Sixers will pursue Siakam or LaVine during this trade window.

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Following the James Harden trade, the Sixers are poised to be a major player in free agency this coming offseason. Knowing this, Morey and the front office do not appear to be doing anything that would jeopardize their long-term financial flexibility. While Siakam will become a free agent at the end of the season, Murray and LaVine have several years remaining on their contracts.

Morey has found it easier to make trades thanks to the team’s success. The Sixers have exceeded expectations thanks to the emergence of Tyrese Maxey and a number of standouts in the supporting cast. Despite their recent losing streak, they remain a top-three seed in the Eastern Conference.

Based on how most Sixers rumors have been worded, it does not appear that the big move will occur at the deadline. Unless something changes, smaller upgrades could be made in the near future while they wait for the offseason to make a big splash.


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