Brian Daboll has received criticism from unknown sources across many platforms in the ten days since the Giants’ season ended.

On Tuesday, WFAN presenter Sal Licata shouted, “Enough!” In Licata’s opinion, it’s clear who is leaking all of this terrible information about the Giants’ head coach, and they should shut up.“We’re talking about game day, getting on the coaches in the heat of battle and in the moment. I have no issue with what Brian Daboll is doing on game day,” Licata said on his midday show, via Audacy. “All the cowards — I’m talking about you, Wink Martindale and the Wilkins brothers. All the cowards, when Daboll, as a man, brought them in the room and said ‘Anybody got a problem with me?’ what did they do? Nothing. The cowards did nothing.”

In an explosive report by Pat Leonard of the New York Daily News on Monday, various anonymous sources spoke about Daboll’s alleged toxic coaching style in 2023. Things got so bad that a staffer even urged an assistant candidate to stay away. Another report by The Athletic had another source say Daboll was a “madman” on game day.

Given how things ended between Daboll, defensive coordinator Wink Martindale, linebackers coach Drew Wilkins and his brother defensive assistant Kevin Wilkins, Licata thinks there’s no question they’re the source of all these leaks.

As a result, the New York host feels the real problem with Big Blue were the Wilkins brothers, who were fired on Jan. 8, and Martindale, who resigned soon after.

“You tell me if this is a problem or Daboll fixing a problem,” Licata said. “I think it’s the latter.”

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  1. Daboll did the right thing in the firings. I know because I was in a similar situation. I wanted to fire coaches for undermining me who were toxic to the program. When approached about having a problem they cowered and had nothing to say. Stand tall Gaboll your right in what you did.

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