Cronulla hasn’t had any issue cracking the top eight in previous seasons, but they haven’t won a finals match since 2018, something they hope to change in 2024.

Following two years of consecutive set losses, the Sharks will need to work on improving their ability to adjust to pressure in key games.

Given his popularity and standing in the game, star halfback Nicho Hynes has been made to bear the brunt of any criticism, but as his own harshest critic, he knows he will need to push himself ever harder to help elevate his side to the next level.

However, Hynes can’t do it alone and overall, the Sharks need to find a more ruthless streak and fight the perception that they can’t beat top eight sides, let alone win finals matches.

This coming season, the side will be looking to find those improvements within themselves having made minimal signings, while losing the experience of 2023 captain Wade Graham to retirement and Matt Moylan to the Super League.

With Hynes, firebrand winger Ronaldo Mulitalo, attacking fullback Will Kennedy and powerful forwards including Braden Hamlin-Uele providing plenty of strike, the Sharks have the ingredients to improve, but just need to find the right mix to put it all together when it matters most.

Braydon Trindall will be looking to cement his spot in the number 6 jersey for the Sharks in 2024.

Following Matt Moylan’s departure, Braydon Trindall is set to have the first opportunity to cement his spot in the No.6 jersey, continuing on from the end of last season where he played seven of Cronulla’s last eight matches alongside Nicho Hynes. While Trindall is a talent in his own right, the Caboolture Snakes junior and Hynes will have to work on finding their rhythm together as a halves partnership.

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