Kirby Smart Accused Of Tampering As Old Video Surfaces Of Contact With Top Alabama Transfer.

The top player to sign up for the transfer portal this offseason is Caleb Downs, a former Alabama safety, and Kirby Smart is working hard to win his commitment once more. The native of Peach State is currently deciding where to pursue his profession.

It’s between Georgia and Ohio State for him. It’s very much the same recruitment process as it was in high school.
Downs, a five-star prospect in the Class of 2023, was debating between the Crimson Tide, Bulldogs, and Buckeyes for his collegiate football career. In the end, Nick Saban brought him to Tuscaloosa.

Downs rose to prominence as one of the nation’s top defensive players quite rapidly.

The 6-foot, 203-pound player made program history by becoming the first rookie to lead Alabama in tackles since at least 1970. After making 107 stops, he won the SEC Freshman of the Year award.

A superstar will be coming to either Georgia or Ohio State.

According to reports, the latter is traveling from Columbus to meet Downs on Thursday. Given that Downs’ hometown is not too far away from the former, the Bulldogs will probably visit as often as permitted.


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Will Caleb Downs be signed by Kirby Smart?

Kirby Smart is facing charges of tampering as Downs’ recruitment process proceeds. Whether they are correct or incorrect, some fans are drawing conclusions from two films featuring the 48-year-old head coach.

In the first video, Smart is heard (and seen) talking to Saban before the SEC Championship. It sounds as though he was aware that his old master was about to retire.Either way, regardless of whether Smart knew or not, the second video is garnering curiosity.

After the game, he hurried over to congratulate Downs on winning the SEC championship. They gave each other a hug. Travaris Robinson, who joined the Georgia staff after leaving Alabama, was also courted by Smart.

What Smart said to Downs is unknown to us. We are never going to know. There are questions.

Was the conversation really a follow-up to Downs’ hiring? Did Smart know that Saban would be stepping down in order to get ahead of the transfer portal? Was he interfering?

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