One of the teams favored to sign RB is Raiders. Expected to Bring in $22 million
Josh Jacobs, a running back for the Las Vegas Raiders, will be eligible for free agency this offseason after playing in 2023 while under the franchise tag. Due to an injury, he was forced to miss four games and only managed 805 yards of total rushes, which is less than half of the 1,653 yards he scored in 2022.

Jacobs could have to find a new team if he wants to sign a big free agent contract. Should he choose to sign with another team, the Raiders would have the opportunity to fill the position with a high-profile free agent. Running back Saquon Barkley of the New York Giants, who was also placed on the franchise tag for the 2023 season, might be eager for a new beginning.

The Raiders have the fifth-best odds (+1000) of any team to sign him, according to Like Jacobs, Barkley’s season with the franchise tag wasn’t the best. He missed three games and only managed 962 yards of rushes. The Raiders may find him more tempting since, according to a Pro Football Focus essay published on December 20, Jacobs is likely to receive $40 million in free agency, while he is only expected to receive $22 million.



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With Barkley just costing $22 million over two years, the Raiders wouldn’t be taking on the most risk. It appears to be an extremely unlikely move, though.

Boss or Josh Jacobs?
Zamir White filled in for Josh Jacobs during the Raiders’ final four games of the season, and he performed admirably. In his four starts, he amassed 397 rushing yards, demonstrating his potential as an NFL starting running back.

It would make sense if the Raiders wanted to bring back Jacobs since he is faster and more adaptable in the passing game than White. They wouldn’t be wise to spend money on a running back such as Saquon Barkley, though. The team should go with White if it decides not to spend heavily on a running back.

Although there’s still a chance Jacobs returns, the Raiders are playing considerably better than they did when White broke through last season.

Josh Jacobs’ ideal team is still the Las Vegas Raiders.
Josh Jacobs is a team leader and has emerged as one of the Raiders’ most recognizable players. He didn’t have a fantastic year in 2023, but in 2022 he had the second-best season in Raiders history for a running back.

Although it’s unlikely that another team would value him as highly as the Raiders do, he will probably become a free agent this offseason. Maurice Jones-Drew, a former running back for the Raiders, believes that Jacobs won’t be playing in 2024 somewhere else.

In a January 17 editorial for, Jones-Drew stated, “It makes sense for Las Vegas to bring him back, though— and to be honest, I don’t really see him going anywhere else.” “When he’s healthy, his ability to still force defenses to stack the box will greatly benefit whoever starts at quarterback for this team next fall.”

Although Jacobs has stated that he would prefer to remain with the Raiders, once free agency begins, anything can happen. Allowing him to test the market may be the wisest course of action for the team, as it may lower his asking price.

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