This Golden State Warriors player reportedly has a wild defensive strategy

In a recent interview with Cyro Asseo de Choch of HoopsHype, former NBA starter Marcin Gortat revealed a shocking story about Golden State Warriors guard Chris Paul. According to Gortat, Paul will “grab your leg or punch you in the nuts” while fighting through screens.

When asked about things NBA players get away with, Gortat said, “Imagine your first reaction is like, ‘Dude, what the hell?’ They smile, and then you’re attacking the guy. However, the referee most of the time doesn’t see the first move. They just see your reaction. So, and then you are screwed, because he sees your reaction. A lot of things happen on the basketball court. Chris Paul will grab your leg or punch you in the nuts too. It happens all the time. So when you set screens, you gotta cover up your nuts and lift weights to make sure your core is strong.”

Inside the Warriors

As Gortat explains it, this is something himself and other screen setters had to be aware of, because it happened so frequently. Paul has a history of questionable plays that many believe are dirty, and according to Gortat, he will also “grab your leg or punch you in the nuts” when given the opportunity to do so.

This was a wild story that Gortat revealed about the veteran guard for Golden State.

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