Under the direction of head coach Antonio Pierce, the Las Vegas Raiders are entering a new era. After Josh McDaniels was fired during the 2023 season, he assumed leadership of the team and swiftly changed the culture.

Despite having only coached in the NFL for two seasons, Pierce led the Raiders to victory in every game while serving as the temporary head coach, going 5-4 overall. Star defensive end Maxx Crosby even threatened to request a trade if the organization decided to go in a different route. The players were quite outspoken in their desire for the coach to be kept in his position.

Although Mark Davis, the owner, was under pressure, he always thought Pierce was a perfect match for the position.

In an interview with Vic Tafur of The Athletic on January 26, Davis said, “I think people forget I was the one who hired Antonio for the interim job in the first place. There was a lot of pressure on me from the outside to hire Antonio for the head-coaching job.” “I had the impression he was unique when I interviewed him back then.

“Knowing the Raiders and their culture growing up in Los Angeles, I felt he was the right pick at the right moment to lead us through the season.” The fact that he was able to gain the team’s trust so rapidly startled me. gaining the support of the audience as soon as possible. Gaining the support of the alumni with so speed. and taking control of the structure as soon as he did.




Pierce has Davis’s support for the time being, but only time will tell if he can really create something exceptional.

Antonio Pierce Had a Great Deal of Assistance

Not only did Mark Davis and the players themselves back Antonio Pierce’s candidacy for head coach on a full-time basis? Legends of the Raiders, including as Charles Woodson, came out to support the coach. Indeed, Davis disclosed that widespread endorsement of Pierce existed throughout the company.

“I had a nine-week interview process for the Raiders head coaching position,” Davis stated. The players, supporters, former students, and staff all agreed that Antonio Pierce was the best choice going forward. He deserved that.

Rich Bisaccia, the last temporary head coach, had a lot of support to land the permanent position in 2022, but Davis took a different route. This time, he made the decision to pay attention to his players and other Raiders family members.

Antonio Pierce Is Not Just a Coach for Players

Although Antonio Pierce has a strong bond with his players, Mark Davis was not looking for a head coach who would just put up with his players’ mistreatment. According to Davis, Pierce shown throughout the regular season that he was capable of much more than just coaching players.

Davis stated, “Antonio has compassion, but he also has discipline. A players’ coach is a players’ coach, but (Pierce) is also someone who will discipline guys, as we saw during the season with Marcus Peters (who was released).”

“Antonio is not merely a coach for the players. He is really intelligent, has all the X’s and O’s, and picks things up quickly. Because he is able to admit his limitations as a human being, he is willing to include individuals such as Marvin Lewis and Tom Coughlin. And take everything you can from them—learn the subtleties of scheduling, the complexities of being a head coach in the National Football League, and all the other many aspects of the job.

Pierce has Davis’ unwavering trust, which should facilitate his move into a full-time position.

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