So, how much money did the Houston Astros save by allowing reliever Hector Neris? Or, perhaps more importantly, how much did letting Neris walk contribute to their deal with Josh Hader?

Neris signed a one-year contract with the Chicago Cubs this weekend. Neris played with the Astros for two seasons, including the 2022 World Series team.

The details of Neris’ contract are now being revealed, according to The Athletic. The reported portion of the agreement was a one-year contract with an option. In 2024, Neris will earn $9 million. In 2025, the Cubs have a $9 million team option.

NEWS FLASH: Astros Contract Details Emerge
NEWS FLASH: Astros Contract Details Emerge

But there’s a twist. If Neris makes 60 or more appearances for the Cubs in 2024, he can convert his team option to a player option worth $9 million in 2025.

The Astros are aware that he is likely qualified for the position. Neris appeared in more than 70 games during each of his two seasons with Houston. In fact, he’s been a workhorse throughout his Major League career as both a closer and a setup man. He’s made at least 60 appearances across six seasons.

Neris has a good chance of staying in Chicago for two seasons, especially if he maintains his 6-3 record and 1.71 ERA from last year.

Neris was unlikely to return to Houston, whether or not the Astros signed Hader. Three of the Astros’ top setup men were allowed to enter free agency. Neris was the first to sign. The remaining two, Ryne Stanek and Phil Maton, are still looking for deals.

Looking at what Neris received and what the Astros gave Hader, which was $19 million per year, the Astros are probably pleased. They traded Neris, a reliever entering his 35th season, for a young closer who could be the best in the game for only $10 million more than Chicago paid for him.

That also doesn’t account for what Maton and Stanek will eventually receive.

The Neris trade benefits the Cubs. It also makes the Astros’ all-in move to acquire Hader appear a little better contractually.

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