Strahan’s Stumble: 49ers’ NFC Championship Trophy Presentation Turns into Disaster

The San Francisco 49ers are headed back to the Super Bowl after beating the Detroit Lions, 34–31, in a thrilling NFC championship game Sunday night at

Their comeback from a 17-point halftime deficit was really impressive and is something their fans will never forget.

What their fans would like to forget, however, is the NFC championship trophy presentation right after the game, because Fox’s Michael Strahan totally botched

Strahan, who was filling in for Terry Bradshaw, forgot to get a few words from Joe Montana, who stood there awkwardly for a bit while holding the trophy. Strahan then asked Kyle Shanahan about what it was like going into halftime down 17–0, which wasn’t the score. And then he just yelled a lot with other players that came up to be interviewed.

Fans were not impressed:

That was Michael Strahan’s first trophy presentation. That is usually Terry Bradshaw’s job. It showed. Joe Montana was supposed to say a few words and present the George Halas Trophy to Jed York. Instead we got whatever that was.

Michael Strahan butchering the presentation, didn’t even let the great Joe Montana speak and then got nearly everything else wrong

Strahan totally ignored Montana. Didnt let the guy present the trophy to the owner. Directed him like a puppet to pass the trophy.

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