Alabama’s head coach, Kalen DeBoer, has had a wild few weeks since losing the national championship game in Houston. Despite having no ties to Alabama or the south, DeBoer took over as head coach after Nick Saban retired.

“I believe football is football, no matter where you go. “Our stuff will translate to wherever we’ve been,” DeBoer stated during the Senior Bowl on Wednesday. “I’ve been in the midwest and other regions in the country. Making the journey from the west coast to the southeast, I believe everything we do will translate over.

DeBoer was tasked with keeping the Alabama roster intact and building on Saban and his staff’s recruiting success. Despite his best efforts throughout his first month on the job, he has only spent a few hours in Tuscaloosa. As a result, he and his staff are eagerly anticipating next week’s signing deadline so that they may begin implementing their ideas and procedures on the present squad.

“The workforce is really looking forward to next week. To be with our boys and spend a lot of time with the team back on campus. Those who have travelled with us from Washington clearly understand the system. DeBoer explained what particular topics are called and how they are taught. Hopefully, back on campus, Jalen [Milore], Austin [Mack], and a centre like Parker [Brailsford] are catching up on those things. We’ll be able to start installing offensive and defensive systems right away next week.”

“I believe we did an excellent job managing our roster. Initially, there was doubt because Coach Saban was retiring. We lost some guys, and some of them were gone before that. I’m incredibly happy with the team’s competitive mindset. They are into workouts and want to maintain the standard. I know they can’t wait to learn about our systems, playbooks, and all of stuff. I think it’s a great site. Obviously, we have to work for the ’25 class, but we must also ensure that the ’24 class remains with us, whether they are on campus or not until the summer. I think we’re in a really excellent position.”

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