This year, Travis Konecny will represent the Philadelphia Flyers at the NHL All-Star Game and festivities in Toronto. This is his second time, but it should be his third. For whatever reason, Kevin Hayes was chosen over Konecny last year. Konecny had last been selected in 2019-20, when he had three assists. Between Konency and Hayes, and prior to that, there was the Claude Giroux show.

In truth, the Flyers have been sending only one representative to the All-Star Game for quite some time. The last time there was more than one player was in 2015, when Giroux was joined by linemate Jakub Voracek. In 2012, Giroux was joined by Scott Hartnell and Kimmo Timmonen. If you look at the team’s history, it’s only been in the last few years that Philly has sent a single player to the All-Star Game, but to be fair, there has been a lot of expansion since the 1970s and 1980s.

This made me think. Aside from Konecny, which players could represent this team in future All-Star games?

Owen Tippett
Tippett has just signed a significant contract extension. There is a valid reason for this. The kid is doing well. Since joining the Flyers in the Giroux trade, he has helped supporters forget about their previous captain. He had similar goal totals to Giroux at his age (Tippet scored 27 as a 23-year-old, Giroux had 25). He’s settled in and grown into himself. At some time, the NHL will take notice and invite him to an All-Star Game. After Konecny, he is the most likely candidate for the honour.Farabee has shrugged off any rust from his neck injury. He is just three goals away from tying his career high of 20. His 40 points this season in just 50 games are already a career high for him. He is quickly becoming a points monster. If you feed him the puck, there is a good chance he’ll get it in. He’s young and dyanmic. Because of this, it is very likely he’ll be an All-Star someday.

Couturier is a Flyers’ institution. He’s won a Selke Trophy and seems as if he could be on his way to being considered for another one this year. You could argue that he is one of the major reasons that the Flyers are playing a lot better this season. The NHL likes to reward those guys who are solid, all-around performers. There are few guys in the league who are as good on the offensive side of the ice as on the defensive. At some point, he’ll be honored.

Travis Sanheim went from getting kicked out of town to being the top blueliner on the team in less than a year. He is just six points shy from matching his career high of 35 points. Not only has his offensive game developed significantly, but he has also become a better defender. It is not out of the question that he could be named to an All-Star Game eventually.

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