In a bold statement, a former Formula 1 champion has urged Red Bull Racing to make a decisive move regarding Sergio Perez’s future with the team, emphasizing the need for a “tough” decision if the Mexican driver fails to show improvement.

The remarks from the unnamed ex-champion highlight growing concerns within the Formula 1 community about Perez’s performance and his ability to support Max Verstappen effectively in the championship battle. Perez, who joined Red Bull ahead of the current season, has faced scrutiny for inconsistent results compared to his teammate.

The call for Red Bull to contemplate a replacement underscores the competitive nature of Formula 1, where teams constantly evaluate driver performance against high standards. Such decisions are crucial as teams strive to maximize their chances in both the constructors’ and drivers’ championships.

As Red Bull weighs its options, the pressure on Sergio Perez to deliver standout performances intensifies. Fans and pundits will be closely watching how Red Bull navigates this challenging situation as the F1 season progresses.

Sergio Perez F1 replacement: Red Bull urged to IMMEDIATELY replace Mexican  -

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